Traffic towards Palmerston on Grey Road 10 from Hanover ONTO0877

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  • static-billboard-onto0877-palmerston-hanover
  • static-billboard-onto0877-palmerston-hanover

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Maximize your reach and stand out from the crowd with our double-sided billboard #730 on Airport Rd! Located on the busy route from Collingwood/Stayner to Toronto, this 10ft x 20ft static billboard provides a high-energy platform to showcase your brand to thousands of daily commuters from both directions. Make a lasting impact and drive results on the road to success with our dynamic advertising solution.


Billboard Info

  • Billboard size 16’W X 8’H

  • Double-Sided with Billboard ONTO0870

Advertising Details

  • Static Billboard

  • Substrate Used Vinyl

Creative Specs

  • Print Size 187″ W X 91″ H

  • Bleed Each Side 0.5″

  • Minimum Resolution 200

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